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4:46 pm  •  25 July 2014
Anonymous: I feel like in either scenario it would really SUCK because you'd feel really huge like bloated much? lmao wouldn't it be embarrassing?! Imagine if you were in a crowd of people or something??

Obviously I’d have someone juice me first

5:02 pm  •  8 July 2014
Anonymous: LMAO but didn't they say Violet was going to swell up too big and explode?! What's wrong with being inflated like a big balloon?? lol

But the pictures

4:34 pm  •  8 July 2014
Anonymous: Hi, first of all, you’re really pretty so how dare you. Second, I have a weird WOULD YOU RATHER you should answer! It’s Willy Wonka vs Harry Potter: Would you rather be blown up into a big fat blueberry (like Violet) and be rolled away OR have your body inflated into a big huge balloon and float away helplessly? (a la Aunt Marge) Bonus points if you tell me which scene was better and why :)

Obviously being a blueberry because come on. Blue skin would be THE SHIT for pictures. Both scenes are awesome. I love that Harry got to see that bitch fly but at the same time I love that Violet got what was coming to her. I can’t choose. I’m a failure. I’m sorry.

4:01 pm  •  8 July 2014  •  1 note
3:47 pm  •  8 July 2014